Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a Mom

I am a mom
Today I am a mom with 2 sick kids
I had plans for the day but they will not happen
I need to take a shower but probably won't get to
The house needs to be cleaned but it will have to wait
I needed to call a dear friend but she won't get called
I wanted to run an errand but it won't get done
I hoped to take my son to a playdate but we will not be going

Today I am a Mom with sick kids
so I will wipe noses and dispense medicine
I will pour the juice and make the toast
I will assist in putting together numerous puzzles
and watch the same video for the hundreth time
I will kiss the booboos and sanitize the hands
I will hug and kiss grumpy children
and I will strive to remain patient
because today I am a mom

I will not complain about my plans being derailed
I will delight in rocking my daughter and singing to my son till they fall asleep
I will cherish their laughter through the stuffy noses
My heart will be warmed when they reach out for a hug and offer a smile
I will be grateful if I get a shower and ok if I don't
For today I am a mom and I am blessed!


  1. Mandy, sweet poem. Welcome to the world of blogging. I've let mine take a very long hiatus but am getting ready to revive it. I hope the munchkins are feeling better. I love you all!


  2. Yay! Welcome to the community Aunt Mandy :)