Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Controlled Chaos

I like to describe my household as controlled chaos.

There is always a lot of activity, a lot of noise and a lot interruptions!  It is impossible to get any one task completed without having to stop to change a diaper, fix a meal, kiss a scraped knee, administer a little discipline and correction, give a bath, soothe a crying baby, let out and feed the dog and so on and so on. 
However in the midst of the crying, the whining, the begging, the barking - THE NOISE - there are a few very precious and very tender moments. 

Like when I am putting McKinley (8 mos) down for a nap.  We go into her room, I grab her blanket and pacifier, turn off her light and turn on her music and we sit down to rock.  As I rock her and quietly sing to her, she lays her head against my chest and holds on tight to my shirt or reaches up and plays with my hair and she flashes me the sweetest smile I've ever seen. Then she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.  Oh I could hold her forever!  I could play with her forever too. I love when we are playing on the floor and I blow on her tummy or under her arm and she lets out a loud, robust laugh. Her laugh is contagious!

Then there are the moments that I get to sit and read a book to Mason (2 1/2) and he is so intrigued by every detail on every page. I love reading to him as he asks questions and points out characters and then takes the book from me so he can read it himself.  Or when he runs up to me for no other reason than to throw his arms around my neck and say "I wuv you Momma.  Or the times at night when singing songs to him before bed and he asks me to sing all the theme songs of his cartoons and I'll say to him Mason you're crazy and he'll laugh and laugh!  Tonight he asked me to sing  "Go Noles song Momma!" Oh - If you only knew how that made me melt inside.  He is a product of Micah and I - he bleeds Garnet and Gold.

Those moments make all the chaos forgettable.  Those moments are what I'll think on when I go to sleep, they are what I will look forward to the next day and remember for years to come.

Thank you God for tender and precious moments in the midst of a chaotic life!

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